Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance | About us
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About us

Washougal Arts and Cultural Alliance

Officially established in 2014, the mission of the Washougal Arts and Cultural Alliance (WACA) is to enrich and engage our community through the display and support of regional artists’ work. We meet weekly to discuss art, plan events and share ideas of how to support artwork in Washougal.  We also laugh a lot and enjoy each other’s company.

WACA is a 501c3 charitable organization.  Your tax deductible donations will fund WACA’s efforts to increase public art in the City of Washougal.  You can make a donation on Paypal or mail a check to WACA, PO Box 107, Washougal, WA  98671.

How to Become Involved!

Do you love art and share a passion to support local artists and to bring more public art to Washougal?

Join now!

Membership Letter      Membership Form

For information email us at washougalarts@gmail.com

Link to Paypal for Membership Payment or a Donation   (Please send in completed Membership Form if paying online.)

Our Wonderful Donors!

Thank you to our many donors and these Major Donors, for your support of public art in Washougal:

Jim and Betty Cooper

Suzanne Grover

Kelli Rule

Susan Warford

Chuck Carpenter


Joyce Lindsay

René Carroll

City of Washougal

Shirley Scott

Molly Coston

Dr. M. H. Jawad

Wes Hickey


In Memoriam

Jim Brown

Beti Brandis Haag

Kathy Willis

WACA Board Members

WACA Board Members – Jim Cooper, President | Rene’ Carroll | Suzanne Grover | Chuck Carpenter | Joyce Lindsay| Janice Ferguson |Kelli Rule | Susan Warford, Not pictured Alex Yost