Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance | WYAM Photo Challenge
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2019 WYAM Discover Washougal Art Photography Challenge

Sponsored by Washougal Arts and Cultural Alliance

Photographs tell a compelling story and so does public art… As a part of Washougal Youth Arts Month, WACA is inviting Washougal students grades K-12 to grab their smartphone or digital camera and share through photography the beautiful public art in the City of Washougal. Find a unique angle, use interesting lighting, include family or friends… have fun and be creative!


This project is a part of Washougal Youth Arts Month in March and student images will be showcased online for the community to see and enjoy.  Find a list of all public art and locations below or on the WACA website http://washougalarts.org/local-art/.  To celebrate and showcase our young photographers, photos will be posted on WACA’s website and Facebook page. Parental approval is required.


Submissions Requirements

Open to all K-12 grade students in the Washougal School District.

Digital Uploads only. Images minimum size 500KB and maximum 3MB in JPEG format.

Students may submit up to three images. Selected images will be chosen to post on WACA website and FB page.

Students are encouraged to submit an Artist Statement describing what inspired them and feelings they hope to evoke.

Photographs may be submitted between March 1 and March 22, 2019. (EXTENDED TO MARCH 26!)

All entries can be used by WACA and must include a completed authorization form, signed by a parent/guardian. Simply fill out the form below, take a photo of it and email it along with photographs to WACAStudentPhotos@gmail.com


Terms and Conditions – Media Release Form

By submitting a digital photograph you are authorizing Washougal Arts and Cultural Alliance to use of them in any publications or fundraising materials, including print, websites and social media. It is the photographers’ responsibility to alert anyone recognizable in the photos of this use. You also grant permission for WACA to use your name, school and grade in relation to the image.  Parental authorization must be given for any student under 18 years of age.