We are the Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance

The mission of the Washougal Arts and Cultural Alliance (WACA) is to foster a thriving local art scene that enhances a strong sense of place and community.  The Alliance works in collaboration with artists, teachers, businesses, government agencies, and other community organizations to support and promote regional artists, increase opportunities for youth participation in the arts, and enhance exposure to the arts for Washougal residents and visitors to the area.

WACA is a completely volunteer run 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your tax deductible donations will fund WACA’s efforts to expand the reach of public art in the City of Washougal. You can make a donation on Paypal by clicking here or, alternatively, you can mail a check to WACA, PO Box 684, Washougal, WA  98671.

The flagship project of The Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance, the annual Washougal Art Festival, strives to connect artists in our community with community members who love art. Washougal Art Festival showcases talented artists in our own community and region, embracing the breadth of the arts. Last year and this year WACA has expanded the Washougal Art Festival in collaboration with Washougal Songcraft Festival to create the Washougal Art & Music Festival. 

Washougal Art Festival

The Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance believes in partnerships. WACA engages in an ongoing collaboration with the Washougal School District on Youth Arts Month, a past collaboration with local nonprofit Unite! on a student designed and painted mural mounted at Washougal Food Store, and a recent collaboration with local nonprofit ECCA on the community mural at Hamllik Park (see home page for information).  We have also worked closely with the National Wildlife Refuge program associated with Steigerwald Lake to bring Claire Giordano as artist in residence to our local wildlife refuge. We also serve as a resource for other entities looking to bring art to Washougal, be they private businesses or individuals interested in supporting or funding public art.

Finally, WACA supports local artists by funding the installation of public art pieces in our community. 

Below are projects by individual artists that we have had a hand in funding across Washougal since our inception.

Here's to many, many more in the coming years.

Completed Projects


Dreaming, a large, friendly and life-like bronze bear sculpture created by Heather Soderberg of Cascade Locks, was installed in January 2020. It is located on the corner of A Street and Pendleton Way in downtown Washougal.

This piece was a two-year WACA fundraising effort. In addition to public support raised by WACA, substantial contributors were also Jim and Betty Cooper of Washougal and the City of Washougal Tourism Fund.  The piece is valued at $30,000.

It is a community favorite to take pictures with and adds charm to our downtown.

Princess White Wing

“…he thought he could see White Wing in the clouds and in the forest and in his dreams.”  He said, “Come pretty bird and fly with me, for I am lonely and my nest is empty.”

The mural, designed and painted by internationally renowned Native American artist Toma Villa, is installed outside the Washougal Community Library for the entire community to enjoy.

If you are familiar with Washougal’s history, you know that Betsy White Wing Ough, a Cascades Tribe princess, along with her husband Richard Ough, founded this great city. For her role, Betsy is lovingly referred to by many as the “Mother of Washougal.” The theme of the mural is Richard Ough courting Betsy White Wing Ough.

This project was funded by generous contributions from WACA supporters, a WA State Snap Grant and City of Washougal.

Historic Lager

Historic Lager was commissioned in 2018 by WACA and created by prolific, local artist Travis London.  It is located next to the Washougal Post Office on the wall of the Big Foot Inn in downtown Washougal.

Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful is a life-sized bronze dog sculpture of a Belgain Malinois, created by prominent bronze sculptor Susan Bahary. It sits proudly outside the Washougal Police Department at 1320 A Street, Washougal. Thank you to the community for their donations to bring this piece to Washougal!

For The Birds Art Project

This artistic display of community inspired and created bird houses is located in the community garden and got its start in Fall of 2016.

The full WACA project vision includes planting flowers and shrubs with the ultimate goal to create a beautiful butterfly and bird garden featuring these artistic bird houses of various sizes and décor.  A place of beauty!

To find out more information on how you can get involved, contact WACA at  [email protected]

Golden Back Heron

Golden Back Heron, created by Portland metal artist Tom Jackson was welcomed to Washougal on Nov 19. The three-foot tall metal sculpture stands in the rain garden next to the main parking lot at Washougal City Hall, 1701 C Street.

Bronze Seaman Sculpture

In August 2015, Washougal welcomed its newest resident, a bronze sculpture of Seaman, the Newfoundland dog that accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition which included a stop in Washougal for provisions. The life-sized bronze was created by Cascade Locks artist Heather Stoderberg-Greene. He was made possible by the fund raising efforts of WACA and the Columbia Gorge Woman’s Association.

The piece is now a fixture in downtown Washougal, delighting children and families who climb on his back for photos and community members who decorate him to celebrate seasons!

Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance 2022 Honorees

(See home page for 2023 honorees.  2024 Honorees coming in August.)

Each year Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance shines a spotlight on leaders in public art by recognizing an artist and a community member who have made significant contributions to the Washougal art scene.   This year, we chose community member and educator Alice Yang and performance artist and instructor Jeffree White as honorees.

Alice Yang inspires young artists as the art teacher at Cape Horn-Skye Elementary and Canyon Creek Middle school. Yang believes the art room is where students, regardless of their future professions, find a safe space to explore ideas, examine and solve problems, learn skills like perseverance, and develop empathy. “Art by nature is inspirational,” she explained. “My students help me to maintain that drive.”

Outside of the classroom, she has played a significant leadership role with Washougal Youth Arts Month, is a member of the Columbia River Arts and Cultural Foundation, is the liaison to Clark County Arts Commission for Washougal, and most recently was coordinator of the new Parkersville Day event student art contest.

Through her school and community efforts, Yang’s goal is to help Washougal grow stronger together through art experiences. “I want each community member to feel important, valued, and cared for,” she said. “This will help us to weather any storm that comes our way. Long live the arts!”

Jeffree White owned and operated Washougal School of Music for five years, before he and wife, Kelli Rule, moved to Ajijic, Mexico earlier this year. His significant contributions to Washougal art include donations of musical performances at the Washougal Senior Center and Washougal Art Festivals, being a festival sponsor and donor to WACA, performing at WACA house concerts and many local establishments, helping those businesses promote and develop their music programs.

Giving back to the community with art was important for White. “I believe that people need to be uplifted with inspiring creations, and shown that art and music is participatory, not just consumptive,” he explained. “This can motivate people to be active in their community and give them purpose.”

Washougal Arts And Cultural Alliance Donors

Thank you to our many donors and the following major donors for your support of public art in Washougal:

Jim and Betty Cooper 

Suzanne Grover 

Kelli Rule 

Susan Warford

Chuck Carpenter

Kathy Huntington 

Joyce Lindsay
René Carroll
City of Washougal

Shirley Scott 

Molly Coston

Dr. M. H. Jawad

Wes Hickey

Thank you to those who donated in the memory of a loved one:

Jim Brown, Beti Brandis Haag, Kathy Willis, Jeff Guard, Mike Keohler, Gregg VanDam

Support for WACA is also provided by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.

WACA Board Members

Susan Warford | Jim Cooper | Molly Coston | Janice Ferguson | Michelle Wagner | Chuck Carpenter | Kathy Huntington 

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