The Premier Arts Event in the Washougal Area

The 2023 Washougal Art Festival

Saturday, August 12th, 9am - 3pm

Thank you to all of the artists who have applied for this year's festival.  We will contact you personally, then announce publicly those who have been selected to participate.  

This is the premier arts event in the Washougal area and the flagship event of the Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance.

Every year we gather dozens of local-area artists to participate in a festival-like atmosphere. Artists are able to meet other artists and people who love art. It allows a free-flow of information, ideas and feedback for the artists while also providing a way for local area residents and visitors to become engaged with art in a more hands-on way. As opposed to a gallery showing, the Washougal Art Festival is an outdoor, energetic, lively event that families can attend and truly become engaged in art.  This year we are collaborating with Washougal Songcraft Festival to include music during the festival and we have local writers sharing their books.  Come join us for a wonderful event!

The Washougal Art Festival... Always a Good Time

2022 Washougal Art Festival Poster

Every year we commission a poster for the Washougal Art Festival and in 2022 it is Tamara Dinius' Art that graces the poster. 

Bringing Art to the community and connecting artists with art-lovers is what we are about. 

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There is far more art in Washougal than meets the eye. See what there is... and see why we are so passionate in our support of art and artists here in Washougal.