Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance Projects

The projects that the Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance supports and fosters are wide and varied, yet they have one over-arching purpose: the furtherance of art in Washougal.

From static installations to promoting youth involvement in the arts to our annual Washougal Art Festival, there are numerous projects to get involved in and enjoy

Our current project - Art Installation on the Campanile

The Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance (WACA) is soliciting proposals from qualified artists (or teams of artists) to provide design and implementation services for an art installation on the Campanile in Reflection Plaza, 1703 Main Street in Washougal.

The goal of the project is to add to the campanile structure a significant piece of public art that will create an inspiring focal point in the heart of our city. The artwork should reflect the history and culture of Washougal and capture the spirit of the city in the present and its aspirations for the future.  Click here for more information on the project, including how to submit a proposal.

The flagship project of The Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance, the annual Washougal Art Festival strives connect the artists in our community with community members who love art. The Washougal Art Festival showcases the talented artists in our own community and brings art lovers of all kinds together. 

Washougal Art Festival

The Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance proudly supports the Washougal Youth Arts Month. Held every March, the WYAM encourages youth involvement in the Arts, showcasing youth talent in a variety of ways throughout the month of March. 

Washougal Youth Art Month

The heart of the Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance, we work together with artists, local businesses, local and state governments as well as art supporters in the area to bring more art installations to the city of Washougal. From Seaman the Newfoundland to our Golden Back Heron to the Princess White Wing Mural, our WACA Installations aim to bring more art into the town we love.

WACA Installations

Possible Future Project - Disappearing Reader

The Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance is working in coordination with the Friends of the Washougal Library to acquire inspiring art for the new Washougal Community Library. One possibility being explored is a disappearing reader sculpture created at scale appropriate for our location by renowned artist Julian Voss-Andreae, a German artist based in Portland. It is designed from metal plates to look solid from some angles and to “disappear” as the viewer walks around to view the sculpture from different angles.

Please follow WACA on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on this project. And, of course, if you would like to contribute to bringing this exciting art work to our community, please click here to donate or contact us about becoming a sponsor.